Critique Meeting: Wednesday, May 1st

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We’ll meet again at Panera Bread on May 1st: 6:30 to socialize and the critiques start at 7:00. Bring five pages (1500 words) double-spaced and your critiquing cap.



Member News

DerringerMedal-RoundedCongratulations to DWG member James Blakey whose story “The Bicycle Thief” (reviewed by the group in December of 2017)  is a finalist for the Short Mystery Fiction Society’s Derringer Award for Flash Fiction.

The announcement is here.

You can read the story here.

Publication News

Delco Writers Group member James Blakey has a solve-it-yourself mystery in the latest (March 25th) issue of Woman’s World. If you’re in line at the grocery store, pick it up and turn to page 45 to see if you can solve the mystery of “The Hockey Card Heist.”

Also his “The Case of the Vanishing Unicorns” is reprinted in the just released ebook Gunsmoke & Dragonfire: A Fantasy Western Anthology.

[Gunsmoke & Dragonfire at Amazon]

March Meeting Recap

Another solid turnout and successful critique meeting last night.

We reviewed:

A bit of memoir by Nicole.

The opening scene of a YA novel by Reba.

A You-Solve-It mystery by James. James let us know that he has a You-Solve-It in next week’s Woman’s World.

The start of a historical short story by Chris.

And another look at the beginning of Helene’s story about a depressed car and a squirrel.

Ken and Paul were also in attendance. They didn’t have anything to review, but were helpful as always with comments.

We’ll do it all again on Wednesday, April 3rd at Panera Bread. Hope to see you there!

The Seven Point Plot

In Algis Budrys’ WRITING TO THE POINT, he reveals the best secret I ever learned, the 7 Point Plot.


1. A character
2. In a setting
3. With a problem
4. Character must try to solve problem
5. Must fail (repeat try/fails three times)
6. Must reach a do or die CLIMAX where character succeeds (comedy) or fails (tragedy)
7. And life goes on with validation scene, also known as denouement.